Testimonials & Success Stories

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I recommend the Miller Business Center to all my business contacts to help them grow their business with available data and programs designed to aid the small business owner and entrepreneur. From workshops, educational networking meetings to trade shows, The Miller Business Center is a terrific resource available to everyone.
A treasure – right here in Suffolk County- that every business owner or entrepreneur should uncover.
Michele Martin
Allstate Agent

All Miller programs I have attended were very well presented. Lots of interaction to get answers to questions about topics. It helped me and my business.
Loraine Sommer

I have attended several Miller programs throughout the years. All prove to have value, if not in content then in networking with other professionals. The MBRC is a true business gem!
Allison Siena, President
Vision Consultants USA, Inc.

I couldn’t have been happier with the response to my requests and the depth of information provided for us. It has been invaluable. I feel lucky to have found an avenue to get the information our young company needed.
Frank Amato
Evolution Energy LLC

The Miller Business Resource Center has become a vital part of the work I do! I have come to look upon the Center as a “business partner” and am delighted to know that all of you are simply a phone call away to find answers to any questions I may have. Each time I have gone to the Center, I have been more than satisfied with the help I received and the resources available to me. Besides learning a great deal from the lectures you have provided, I also received a new client as a result of meeting her at one of them.
Rhonda Riccio
WLIX Radio