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Ringing the OMG Bell!

From the moment we stepped in and smelled delicious pumpkin spice we knew we would love Wild Lizzy’s.


Making the cookies.

With her kids grown, Liz Carroll was looking for something extra to do and thus began Wild Lizzy’s in 2013. Her saltine cracker cookies had been a hit with  family and friends for 20 years so a cookie business seemed like the next logical step. With 8 regular and 3 seasonal flavors Liz’s cookies became an instant hit. We sampled many flavors – raspberry, cookies and cream, original – and still can’t pick a favorite!

Wild Lizzy’s has received many awards – most recently Best Chocolatier on Long Island from Long Island Press. At events, samples are always available and the reaction i
s often “Oh My God!”  so now she has a OMG bell! When you say it, you ring it.


Liz Carroll and the Wild Lizzy staff with EXPO Planning Committee members.

Right now, the cookies are still made my Liz and her crew. Using the commercial kitchen space at The Kitchen Co-op in Amityville they spend 8 hours making 200lbs of cookies. Wild Lizzy cookies are sold at fairs, events, specialty stores and online. Currently Liz is working with  a manufacturer to create her cookies on a larger scale. Stay tuned for more information on where they might show up!!!

Visit Liz online, at upcoming fairs or at the EXPO on October 1st.


Updated: September 4, 2015 — 12:30 pm
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