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Resource Spotlight: REDBOOKS

If you are interested in advertising, ad agencies, commercials, and more interestingly, what companies spend on the aforementioned advertising, you’ll love REDBOOKS…one of our great resources available at the Miller Center.

REDBOOKS is an amazing database that allows users to search for major corporations and advertising agencies. Want to know how much Target spends on their radio ads? It will be here. Want to know who created that annoying commercial that’s played one too many times during your favorite prime time show? It will be here.

Even more exciting: looking for the e-mail addresses of the major players in those companies, including the ad agency executives? Yes…unlike many of our other databases, they will be here as well.

REDBOOKS is a great resource for the budding graphic designer, marketing student, and upcoming advertising executive. Looking for a job in the advertising and marketing industry? REDBOOKS has an incredible job listing database that spans the country. Also helpful is the Opportunities portion of the site, in which a listing of advertising accounts that are “changing hands” is displayed, along with any news or press release that accompanies it.

And if you are already an agency or marketing specialist, use the News Search tool to seek out potential customers based on what’s going on in the industry.

REDBOOKS is another amazing resource available here at the Center and is available to MCPL Cardholders and Miller Business Center members. Check it out today.

Updated: August 14, 2018 — 1:36 pm
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