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Have you seen our free Online Business Collection?

Our Online Business Collection is a treasure trove! These valuable free resources are a collection of databases, web sites, and news sites geared towards the small business owner. Industry information, grant information, market research, law, and not-for-profit are just some of the subjects. Each site is vetted by our information specialists to make sure that they are up-to-date and provide important and useful information to our patrons.

The best part: the resources are completely free and available from anywhere. We’ve done all the work researching the best sites and resources. For example:

Looking for government money? Visit, where you can search an extensive database of available grants and apply for them online.

Looking for a financial advisor? Check out WiserAdvisor, a service that pre-screens financial advisors and matches you with the best one based on your criteria and location.

Marketing Chart 1Access interesting charts such as this one from

Looking for marketing reports on various industries? Check out for a vast collection of infographics and reports on small business, digital marketing and more.

Want to see if a charity is legit? Look it up on Charity Navigator. See the top charities, see how they distribute their money, and view all their IRS filings.

Going on a business trip? Find the best seat on the flight with SeatGuru. See what seats are near the lavatories, where in-seat power is, and whether or not there will be in-flight entertainment.


The whole Patent Process is available on the USPTO site.

Have an idea for an amazing new invention? Use the US Patent & Trademark Office’s online database to view previously registered patents and trademarks or get information on how to get started.

There’s plenty more, so visit the collection today and check back often: we are always updating and adding great new resources!


Updated: July 25, 2018 — 9:21 am
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