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Networking is a Contact Sport – Book Review


Looking for a good read? Try this!

Networking is a Contact Sport by Joe Sweeney

Networking is a Contact Sport by Joe Sweeney is a book full of networking techniques and ideas for any business person. Sweeney stresses quality over quantity when making business connections and likens networking to playing sports. A large part of Sweeney’s theories on networking are based off of his 5/10/15 program which he explains as – 5 meetings or encounters every day, 10 pieces of written correspondence a day (emails, handwritten notes, or official letters), and a minimum of 15 phone calls per day – with the main goal of this theory being to get 5 business engagements a day from all of these contacts that turn into a client or business referral.

Sweeney also firmly believes every business person needs a “wingman/woman” and that surrounding yourself with confident people, who can provide advice, listen, and let you ask questions will help build your confidence and optimism when networking. I would recommend this book to any businesses person looking to improve their networking skills, especially sports fans! One important thing that I can highlight that I learned from this book is to “Act as if you belong, no matter where you are. Networking opportunities are everywhere so always keep that in mind.”

Updated: November 17, 2014 — 1:06 pm
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