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Mapping Data with BatchGeo

Want to get a visualization of where your potential customers are? Looking to see if your competition is setting up in your backyard? Try this free online mapping tool: BatchGeo.

BatchGeo allows you to upload a properly formatted spreadsheet to their site, and after doing so, displays that data in map format along with the option to save your map (after setting up a free account.) These maps are interactive, so users can click on data points to get pop-up information on that specific location.batchgeo-mapid2

Mapping data can be an important part of your sales strategy. For example, mapping potential clients in an area allows you or your salespeople to plan their day as efficiently as possible. By creating routes, they have the ability to start and end their day in a manner beneficial to saving time and money. Maps can also be used to visualize your target demographic or even your competition. Running a marketing list and then mapping that data within a 10 mile radius of your business can help you plan your sales strategy, or perhaps will help you decide where to set up your business in the first place.


In addition to creating maps, the service offers a number of other features such as embedding maps, creating map “badges” for your website, as well as power-user features such as interactive map creation, and high quality printing.

While the basic mapping feature is free to use, the Pro features, while very useful if mapping and printing large data files, is rather expensive at $99 per month. If you are looking at a simple way of mapping your data, the free account should be adequate.

Like to give it a try?

1. Click here to download a sample data set.

2. Open the file in your favorite spreadsheet software.

3. Highlight the entire sheet (either use CTRL+A or Edit…Select All.)

4. Copy the data (CTRL+C or Edit…Copy)

5. Visit and paste your sheet inside the the data box.

6. Use the Validate & Set Options box for more features, or click on Map Now.

Want more information?

Our information specialists can help you with mapping data as well as creating marketing lists. Give us a call today to make an appointment, 631-585-9393 x 133.

Updated: November 29, 2018 — 9:50 am
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