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Multifamily Housing on Long Island

Thismall-downtowns-e1449858995706s morning, members of the Miller Team attended the Long Island Index launch for 2016. The focus was on Long Island’s need for multifamily housing. Representatives from Regional Planning Association and HR&A Advisors, Inc. discussed the study findings including the fact that Long Island is producing much less multifamily housing than its regional peers. Population growth and residents needs will not be able to be met with the current growth rate. Strategies, including a relaxed building code and more accesory dwelling units, were presented.

In his conclusion for the morning, LIA President, Kevin Law said, “It is acheivable.”

To learn more about this study and its findings, read the full report – “Long Island’s Needs for Multifamily Housing: Measuring How Much We Are Planning to Build vs. How Much We Need for Long Island’s Future”  

Updated: February 2, 2016 — 5:40 pm
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