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Independence Day Statistics from Statista

Fire up the grill, get a cold drink, and find your spot for the fireworks show…it’s USA’s 242nd birthday and since we here at the Miller Center LOVE demographics and statistics, we thought we’d share some eye-opening and interesting stats on what’s going on this year’s 4th.

Safe Travels

This year is seeing a nice increase in travelers this holiday: compared to last year’s 44.2 million, there will be 46.9 million folks out and about today according to AAA. The majority will travel by car (84.6%), while a few will travel by air (8.1%) or “Other” (7.5%)…think train, ship, horseback, etc.


So how do Americans celebrate? Last year (65.5%) had a barbecue; (43.6%) attended a Fireworks display or Community Celebration; (13.5%) went to a parade; about the same amount (13.3%) took their vacations; (11.6%) did not celebrate; and (8.3%) did something else that we won’t mention here.

Speaking of Barbecue…

What’s on the menu? Lots of poultry! Over 700 million pounds of chicken will be consumed, along with 190 million pounds of hot dogs, 150 pounds of beef, and 5 million gallons of ice cream. Delicious!


How much is this all costing Americans? Over $6.8 BILLION will be spent on food this year…and the folks putting on fireworks displays will make over $1 BILLION.

Leave it to the Professionals…

By the way…67% of all fireworks injuries happen in July!

All this great information comes from one of our favorite business resources, Statista! Available in-house at the Miller Center, Statista provides users with access to all sorts of data, demographics, infographics and articles on everything from consumer spending, internet use, advertising, technology, tourism, and more. Visit the Center to access this data or Book a Specialist to sit down with one of the Miller Center team members to find out how to gather this data for your next presentation!

Source: Statista 2018
Updated: July 3, 2018 — 3:27 pm
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