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Happy Thanksgiving. Let’s eat.

30352360.thbWhat better way to spend your Thanksgiving than visiting our fine website and reading through geeky statistics on our most delicious national holiday? And what better way to remind you that we have some amazing resources here at the Center, including the very informative Statista! So let’s get to it!

statista-logoStatista has released a fine dossier this year on Thanksgiving in the U.S. and we’d like to share some highlights. In their recent survey conducted last week, they found that the majority of U.S. Consumers will spend Thanksgiving at home this year (58%) as opposed to those heading to restaurants (4%). What does the holiday mean to most people? Spending time with family, being thankful, and of course, having a good meal.

And speaking of the meal: Americans will consume a little over 16 million pounds of turkey this year, and it is estimated that we will add another one million pounds to that number next Thanksgiving. The most common menu items? Turkey (89%), Bread/Rolls/Cornbread/Biscuits (88%), Mashed Potatoes (85%), Gravy (84%), Pie (81%) and Stuffing/Dressing (80%). Hungry, yet?

So what does this all cost? The average Thanksgiving Day meal for 10 guests in the U.S. is about $50, and that’s been a steady price for the last few years.

Shopping CartsSo now that you’ve packed on all those pounds and consumed those calories, it’s time to get out and move, which means Black Friday shopping! It is estimated that this year U.S Consumers will spend a little over 620 billion dollars between Black Friday and the Winter Holidays. The majority of those shoppers will shop Friday and Saturday in the stores…most of which will visit two or more during their shopping trip. It’s about even when it comes to how folks are shopping nowadays: 36% will shop in store on Black Friday, while 37% will do it online. Interestingly enough, only 10% surveyed said they will be shopping on Cyber Monday.

There’s plenty more data for you to consume, so why not stop down sometime and check out everything we have to offer, including Statista? From economic information, to consumer trends, to demographics and more, the Miller Center is your source for the best business reference resources to make your business successful.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Source: Statista, Nov. 9-14, 2016 Survey

Updated: November 19, 2016 — 11:30 am
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