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Free Resource Focus: Charity Navigator

This past summer we saw an incredible outpouring of support for the ALS Association. Their “Ice Bucket Challenge” campaign went viral, and in just a manner of months, they were able to raise over $100 million to support their research. There are plenty more charities out there, and we are sure to see another creative way to raise money in the near future.

I had the pleasure of being challenged to pour ice cold water over my head, but instead I decided to donate. Since I didn’t know much about the ALS Association, I used one of our fabulous online resources to find out more before sending money. Our Online Business Collection is a great list of vetted online resources that provide free information that may be useful to small businesses and individuals.

Charity Navigator is one of those resources that comes in handy when considering donating to a charity. You can browse charities or search for a specific one and see the charity’s ratings, financial statements and more. Want to know how much of your money actually goes to the charity’s cause? This is the site to check out.

ALS Association scores high on Charity Navigator. (via

ALS Association scores high on Charity Navigator. (via

The ALS Association scores a 90.77 on Charity Navigator: an excellent score. I was comfortable sending my donation knowing that the majority of it would go towards ALS research. Additionally, you can search for local branches of a charity, read articles on charity news, as well as get tips on donating.

Charity Navigator is just one of the many free resources listed in our Online Business Collection. There are no user names or passwords to access this list, just head here and take a look!

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