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Did You Miss Business Bites? Read This!

Did you miss this morning’s Business Bites: Online Apps for Small Businesses? No worries…we have all the applications that we spoke about right here for your reference. If you are looking to dive deeper into any of these fantastic resources for small businesses, give us a call to make an one-on-one appointment!

Google Drive
In addition to cloud file storage, Google Drive provides access to incredibly powerful online apps such as Docs (Word Processing), Sheets (Spreadsheets), Slides (Presentations) and Forms. Did you ever sign up for a program at the Miller Center? Then you’ve already used the front-facing part of Forms on Google Drive. Best of all, business owners can share files/data with employees or clients, as well as collaborate in real-time. Free.

Google Analytics
Have a website? Keep track of who/how/where/when folks visit your site. This free service provides you with a small set of commands that you’ll copy and paste into your website’s header. Within minutes, you’ll start to gather data. Want to know how long someone spends on your site? Want to know where they go after getting your homepage…or where they came from (search engine, directly)? This is the app for you. Free.

Microsoft Office Online/One Drive
Microsoft would certainly not want to be outdone by Google when it came to online office applications, so their service is similar to Google Drive. Access online versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Plus, use One Drive for 5GB of space. Free.

Build web traffic, offer social networking links, and gather e-mail addresses using this turn-key, no coding required, service. If you use a mail service such as Constant Contact or Campaign Monitor, even better: Sumo will populate your subscribers seamlessly. Free/Paid.

No Graphic Arts degree required: create beautiful flyers, postcards, social networking images and more using this easy-to-use, drag and drop design app. Free/Paid.

Canvus Stockpile
Are you a products-based small business? Use this online inventory system to track inventory and costs. Add categories, manufacturer names, UPCs/SKUs and more. Free.

Simplify your life and your tasks with this online to-do list. Share the list with employees or clients for a fully collaborative experience. Creating alerts and reminders in a snap! Free/Paid.

One of the big cloud-based storage companies. Start out with a couple of GBs of space for free or go premium for more space. Share your files and folders privately or publicly. A great tool for collaboration or for an archive of your important files. Free/Paid.

Manage and post to multiple social networks at the same time; schedule up to 30 posts for free. Free/Paid.

Track business expenses with this mobile app. Scan receipts, manage travel and more. Plus run reports to make getting reimbursed a more pleasant experience. Free.

The popular note-taking application offers the ability to gather images, notes, documents, and more. Sharing allows for easy collaboration! Free.

Travel for your business? TripIt will scan your e-mails for itinerary information and compile it into one easy-to-read place. Free.

Survey Monkey
Want to survey your customers or get feedback in an attractive and easy way? Survey Monkey will let you create up to 10 questions for free easily. Share your survey via e-mail or links and then view the results in chart form. Free/Paid.

A way to exchange business cards in the 21st century: via sound! Has to be heard to be believed. Free/Paid.

Sumo Paint
Looking for an online image editor? Look no further. A robust Photoshop-like online app with cloud storage. Free/Paid.

USPS – Informed Delivery
The US Postal Service scans every piece of First Class mail that is sent to you. Now you get to see it before it arrives. Download the app or access via a browser and receive an e-mail every morning of images of what will be in your mailbox that day. Doesn’t arrive? Click on a link and the post office will flag the item. Free.


Updated: April 4, 2018 — 12:01 pm
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